Best Man Gifts

It is becoming increasingly popular for a couple getting married to buy the best man a gift but they often have a problem deciding what exactly to buy them. That problem has now been solved by a range of groomsmen gifts now being available online from the Bullets2Bandages Company. This is a company which was founded by two veterans who wanted to provide gifts especially designed for the best man but of course were also suitable for any man on any number of other occasions.

Although the company started by only making gifts for men, due to high demand they also designed some for women and this time with bridesmaids in mind. All the gifts have one thing in common and that is that they are made from, or modeled on, military ammunition of one kind or another. This is of course unusual but something that appeals to many men and apparently some women too. The two founding veterans had served in the navy explosives ordinance and so knew about ammunition and were able to design such items as bottle openers, made from spent 50mm cartridges. Other gifts include cuff links, key chains, coasters and six shooter shot glasses. The newer gifts, designed for women, are similar but of brighter colours.

As the founders are themselves veterans, they decided that they would donate a portion of the proceeds they made from these items to different veteran’s charities and organizations. This idea appealed to some bar and club owners that have veterans as some of their regulars and to show their appreciation of those veterans they asked the company if they could make some items which they could use in their bars and clubs. Bullets2Bandages responded by coming up with a range of gifts which are more suited to bars than to individuals and this range includes handles for beer pumps, beer trays and pint glasses.

As if these gifts were not unique enough coming from used ammunition Bullets2Bandages made them even more unique by offering to inscribe each item with personalized engraving or etching, making them absolutely one-offs. A typical personalization for a best man may be their name, the words “Best Man” and the date, signifying the time they were given the gift and the occasion for which they were given it. The fact that these gifts can be personalized and are appropriate and appreciated by most men, means that they also make great gifts to give to fathers on Father’s Day or to any man on any other occasion.

When you visit the website you will see that there are also gift boxes available, perhaps with an assortment of the gifts inside and on these instances, the boxes as well as the individual gifts can be inscribed. Because of what these gifts are made from and what they look like, not only are many of the gifts very practical but they also often make great talking points whenever they are brought out for use by the recipient.